The Hammer Mill

Hammer Mill Hammer Mill 3 Hammer Mill 2


Air-conditioning and new windows in Multi-purpose Room

Traveler Z 14 2011 02 MPR newly painted walls and ceiling, terrazo floor Traveler Z 14

New Hammer mill Shed

5. HM shed walls begin Traveler Z 14 Finished Hammer Mill Shed

The Extension of the Chicken Coop

Chicken coop extension 1 Chicken Coop and Veggie Garden Chicken Coop Extension 2

First Harvest

2010 05 harvesting sweet potato Groundnuts 2010 03 Maize harvest

New Ceilings

Freshly painted dining room Freshly painted dining room #2 New ceiling in CorridorJune 2010

Veggie Garden

girl Kenny inspecting the produce garden June 2010 never2

Building the Chicken Coop

5.Jill and Costa show off the new chickens 1.Building the chicken coop 1 4.Graeme and Jill Gibson on the tools for the chicken coop

New Gravel and Gates

New gravel Gates open Back gate open

Water Tank Stand

d100_1280 1 Digging hConcrete1


Mosquito Screens

11 Front 10 Back 12 Toilet

Building Perimeter Fence

Fence, trainee Emmanuel, Jan 2010 1 Fence Progress Fence completed 4


  Re-surfacing Porch Floor

1 porch resurfacing Sink progress, Jan 2010 1

Building the Hammer Mill

Hammermill foundations 2 mill hammermill

 New Chickens

Pullets arriving New pullets


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