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Zambian children’s village opened by Australian Pastor, Ken Legg

A Zambian development project and home for orphans, New Beginnings Children’s Village, was officially opened by Pastor Ken Legg and team from Australia in August 2009. New Beginnings Children’s Village is a joint ministry of New Beginnings Christian Church, Kafue Zambia and New Beginnings Christian Churches, Gold Coast,  Australia. In 2006, Pastor Ken Legg was invited by Pastor Kenny Goma (Kafue Zambia) to conduct Pastors Conferences in Zambia.  During that visit, Pastor Kenny Goma shared his vision for the Zambian home for orphans in the local community of Kafue.  In the natural realm, there was no way a small, poor church in Kafue could build a home for orphans.   However our God is a miracle working God, and only 3 years later a purpose-built facility to accommodate 30 children is a reality in Kafue.

Pastor Ken Legg said that Pastor Kenny Goma prefers that we refer to the Zambian Orphanage as New Beginnings Children’s Village as there was less stigma for the children attached to that term.

The Australian commitment to New Beginnings Children’s Village is a long-term vision. “We envision many children being placed at NBCV over the coming years. We have room for expansion. Also, we will seek to meet all the needs of the children – e.g. physical, spiritual, educational and psychological,” said Pastor Ken Legg.

 The children and their carers

Pastor Kenny Goma is Director of New Beginnings Children’s Village, Project Manager, and pastor of New Beginnings Christian Church Kafue Zambia. He has served the community of Kafue for several years as a Pastor, and has a father’s heart for these orphans. Kenny is a very gracious and humble man. God has blessed him with much wisdom and maturity, which suitably equip him for the role of Director at NBCV.

Graeme and Jill Gibson, Gold Coast,  Australia                                      Early days

When Pastor Ken Legg returned from the first ministry trip to Zambia, he shared with his congregation that Pastor Kenny’s community of Kafue badly needed a home for orphans.  Graeme and Jill Gibson, retired business people, had been discussing doing something worthwhile for the Lord. “So we felt to provide the finance to build the orphanage” they said.  On Sunday April 19, 2009, Graeme and Jill were in Kafue Zambia to dedicate New Beginnings Children’s Village to the Lord.  Graeme spoke about faith that moves mountains, citing Matt 9:18 where Jairus’ daughter was healed. Jill shared from 1 Cor.3:9-14, especially verse 11, emphasizing that both our personal foundation and the foundation of the Children’s Village is none other than Jesus Christ. She also appropriately quoted some verses from the New Testament, outlining the Church’s responsibility to care for orphans and widows.  

 Roger and Di Wilson, Gold Coast Australia                                         Early construction

Roger Wilson, an elder at New Beginnings Christian Church Tugun at the time, was on that first trip to Zambia in 2006 and became instrumental in making the orphanage a reality.  He shared Ps Kenny’s vision for a place where orphans and vulnerable children could have their lives and destiny changed.  While the Government Ministry of Lands and Welfare was happy to provide land for the children’s home, it had no power, water or transport links so it was decided to build at the church site in Kafue.    Roger began designing a structure similar to a Nissen hut, but a ‘chance’ meeting would change that plan.   

On the flight home to Australia Roger sat next to a man who told him of an Australian missionary organisation, Mobile Mission Maintenance (MMM), who had a campus in Zambia.  (Their purpose is to build and maintain properties used in conjunction with community based and Christian activities).   Soon after returning home Roger gave his Zambian report at the Tugun New Beginnings Sunday service and a member from that very organisation ‘just happened’ to be present!  It was obvious that God was in this, so once contact was made with MMM Melbourne, new plans were soon underway for an affordable building to accommodate 30 children.“God certainly has His Hand on the whole project which is an ongoing testimony to His Glory and Grace”, says Roger


In December 2013, New Beginnings Christian Church Australia and Global Development Group ceased to partner with NBCV following a request from
Ps Kenny Goma to stop sending funds from Australia.  For 5 years, Australian supporters had provided a wonderful facility and financial support, however
Ps Kenny felt the time had come for NBCV to be independent and trust God for their financial future.

For further information about New Beginnings Children’s Village, email Ps Kenny: or ; or visit the
Facebook page of New Beginnings Children’s Village.











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